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Welcome.  You've found GraceWorks Interactive, a small company dedicated to glorifying our Lord through Software and the Internet.  Started in 1998 as a response to few Christian titles in the market, we're dedicated to bringing you Christian games and software.

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The distribution of Christian Games is going well. Contact us if you are interested.  For smaller stores or web sites, we also offer drop ship services.  Below are present or past supporting stores.

Christian Supply chain
 Christian Supply chain
 His Word Christian - Houston, TX
 Vine and Branches - Lodi, CA
 Nordahl's Christian - Yuba City, CA
 Drop Shipping for:
 Christian Ratings
 Christian Games NOW
 Christian 1Stop Shopping
Discount Christian Software
CCGR (Christ Centered Game Reviews)
Heaven's Blessings Tiny Zoo
 On Consignment:

Rainbow West - Albany, OR

Truth & Life Christian Supply - Kent, WA

Agape Christian Book - Newport News, VA

Sower Bible Book - Spokane, WA

Atwater Christian Bargains - Los Angeles, CA

Bible Book House - Salem, OR

Pilgrim Discount - Portland, OR

Christian Publications - 11 Stores, Northeast

330 Family Christian Stores

AFIRM - over 50 Stores


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Jarod's Journey, an adventure game that has Christian themes in it.  The full version is not yet finished but a playable portion is.

Click here to view a summary of Jarod's Journey

Christian Games Now

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The Interactive Parables Game
Interactive Parables CD cover -
Our first title, The Interactive Parables, is shipping and receiving good reviews. You can order now at the Christian Games NOW Store.
Keep up to date about game ratings of all games. Developers - send in your titles.
Shepherd's Staff Game Ratings

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Check out for updates on Conference

We founded the Christian Game Developers Conference, an annual event.  They usually occur in the summer time.

Visit the web site for more details

Christian Game Developers Conference -
Christian Resources for Game Approval:

Family Friendly Gaming offers a seal of Approval for exceptional games.

Dove also examines games and rates them although they have launched Family Entertainment Central to cover games now..


A listing of earning and giving opportunities.

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Window's Mites - A list of earning & giving opportunities
Game Trading Zone - A Community of Traders
Media Sightings:

In 2010, we shipped Interactive Bible: 1 Peter and 2 Peter.

In 2009, we shipped Interactive Bible: James.

In 2008, we partnered with Virtue Games to republish their first game, Nacah. It is now packaged in a DVD case and available for direct to consumer, wholesale or retail.

In 2008, we helped White Knight Games bring back Timothy & Titus! We are the distributors for North America.

Radio Interview in late '06, need to crunch the bits and post for listening.

In 2006, we shipped the Spanish Version of Parables, Las Parábolas Interactivas.

NY Time Magazine May 1, 2005.

Digital Praise covered by Silicon Valley, April 22, 2005.

CBN covered 2004's conference.

 Christian Post, May 9th, May 2004

In the October 2003 issue of Research News & Opportunities (now called Technology & Science.)

Heather Wax wrote a feature entitled "In a virtual world, what happens when the bad guy wins?"

Charisma Magazine - Article by Eric Tiansay

Charisma Magazine article by Eric Tiansay.

Boston Globe on the Christian Game Market
By Hiawatha Bray, Globe Staff, 10/2/2003

Christian Games Story on MSNBC
By Tom Loftus

Game Development Search Engine

Chilrdrens' Educational Network

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